SEED: Educational discussions with software engineers

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    ":speech_balloon: Work in the software industry? Please complete this survey!"
💬 Work in the software industry? Please complete this survey!

Do you work in the software industry? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with up-and-coming members of your field? Do you want to influence the way academics teach and conduct research? If so, then please fill out this survey so that we can benefit from your expertise!

To learn the details of why I am interviewing you through this survey, I encourage you to read the introduction to the SEED project. In a nutshell, the SEED project’s aim is to enable both aspiring members of the software industry and the academics who teach them to receive advice from people like you — the enterprising individuals who are already a part of this exciting field!

In addition to requesting your biographical information, the SEED survey only asks you to answer three questions, requiring perhaps one or two paragraphs for each response. While the time that you invest in this survey will be minimal, I anticipate that students will greatly benefit from the advice that you share.

After you complete this survey, I will copy-edit your responses and publish them on my blog, enabling me to incorporate your advice into the teaching of my courses and my research with students. At the end of every year, I will release a retrospective that reports on the key lessons shared by all of the interviewees and makes suggestions for ways in which educators can improve their teaching and research and students can improve their learning.

Since many people in industry have already completed the survey, I am publishing their interviews on my blog. Of course, you can contact me with any questions or comments that you have about this initiative.