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SEED Interview

As part of the SEED project, I recently talked with Suvarshi Bhadra, a Software Engineer at Facebook. In this interview, Suvarshi told me that software engineers must commit to continuous learning throughout their careers. He also said that students who want to be software engineers should focus on following a software idea from its inception to its completion and release. Read Suvarshi’s responses to the three SEED questions to learn more about his unique perspective on the engineering of software in industry.

What is one fun fact that you can share about your company or a current project?

Engineers joining Facebook don’t have a position or role set aside for them. This was very confusing to me at first. “Don’t they know what they want me to work on?” I wondered. Instead, after a 6-week bootcamp, I was told to pick any team that I wanted from up to 50+ teams across the company! The thinking goes that when engineers are working on problems that they want to solve the company is more impactful.

What is the greatest challenge that you face when working in your field?

In this field, the learning never stops. There is always more to learn, more to do, and the pace of development can always be improved. So maintaining a balance between work, personal hobbies, and family time is the greatest challenge in this field.

What is one point of advice that you can give to people who plan to enter your field?

Build an application from end to end — whether it be a website, mobile app, or a game. This will give you a high-level understanding of how all the pieces fit together. Understanding the big picture can keep you motivated as you dive into the details of networking, databases, or whatever else you want to learn.

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